Robert Mull resigns; London Met attempts to rewrite history

18 December 2015

Robert Mull has resigned, as reported by Building Design and AJ, and announced in a press release from London Met’s propaganda department.

In that press release, which directly contradicts an earlier statement from the university declaring that Robert Mull had been suspended from his duties as Dean (9 December), LMU’s ‘Department of External Relations’ say that “Professor Mull felt that his position as Dean had become untenable after he was unable to fully support the University’s £125m project to create a new home for our Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design in Islington”. He has now resigned from all his posts at the university.

The responsibility for the loss of Robert Mull as Dean of Faculty, Director of Architecture, Professor of Architecture and Spatial Design and tutor of the Free Unit lies squarely with VC John Raftery and the administration of LMU, who are forcing through an imposed contraction of the university against overwhelming opposition from faculty, students, and from the wider world of design and architecture.

Central House is a massive asset to the Cass and to London Metropolitan University; Robert Mull is arguably a greater asset, and his departure is evidence that John Raftery is unfit to lead this university.