A letter in the Observer calling on LMU to review the one campus plan and instead pursue a two site solution has been signed by: Sir Nicholas Serota, Lord Rogers, Sir Kenneth Grange, Sir David Chipperfield, Rushanara Ali MP, Earl of Clancarty, Lord Baker of Dorking, Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Rohan Silva, Eric Parry, Iwona Blazwick, Deyan Sudjic, John Kampfner, Anish Kapoor, Rosy Greenlees, Jeremy Deller, Patrick Brill (Bob and Roberta Smith), Florian Beigel, Philip Christou, Peter Carl, Mark Brearley, Maurice Mitchell, Peter St John.

Others who’ve made public statements that support the campaign include Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs, Councillor Caroline Russell and London Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry; Billy Bragg; artist Jessica Voorsanger; London Met UCU and individual faculty members including Rosie McGoldrick; and very many students, past and current.

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