Helen Mallinson resigns in solidarity with Mull

18 December 2015

Dr Helen Mallinson, Director of Cass Culture and Course Leader for Critical and Contextual Studies, is the first person to walk out on LMU in solidarity with Robert Mull. She has been part of the university for the past 30 years, including seven as Head of the School of Architecture and Interior Design.

In a statement to Building Design, Mallinson said: “I have complete support for Robert as dean. He hasn’t walked out of a place he has helped build and create lightly. I have worked here for 30 years in different capacities and have been totally loyal to the values the university represents. But the reputation of the university is at stake. This isn’t about a simple matter of location. It’s also about the values that are intrinsic to higher education.”

Former Head of the School of Architecture, Dean Hilborne, commented, “Helen was a great colleague who gave all to Architectural Education, someone the subject area can ill afford to lose”.